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Home is the ultimate destination that provides peace of mind.

  • Home Theater Recliners
  • Multiplex Recliners
  • Living Room Recliners
  • Sofa Lounger Recliners
  • Recliner Accessories
  • Massage Products

Feather-like, Cushioned TO Mesmerize

A perfect blend of style, sophistication and comfort with rhythmic curves and clever contours imitating movie theatre experience

Crafted to magnificence, Built for comfort

Ergonomically designed for long hours of your entertainment experience,the recliners offer contentment in every viewing angle and utmost coziness.

Gracefully Appealing, Cozy Experience

The embrace of comfort whether you are napping, reading, enjoying the company of family & friends or simply experiencing tranquil quiet time all for yourself.

Brilliantly Contoured, Soothing experience

Putting your strained nerves at ease, and offering infinite contented positions, these loungers come with magical cushioning.

Sublime experience, Perfect stress-reliever

Experience the charm of being pampered with all your stress spots being taken care of in the comfort of your home.

2 Aug 2017

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Massage Chairs
& Foot Massagers

Experience the
absolute calmness!

Promote your
well being

and relive stress, while maximizing relief and removing tension and stiffness.

Customize Your Recliner

Personalize your own recliner and add a world of accessories to it with choices galore.

Customize Your Recliner Customize Your Recliner
Project Showcase

Our wide portfolio of discerning clientele stand testimony to world-class quality and delivery standards of excellence.

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  • 23 May 2016

    Any room filled with recliners automatically becomes your favourite one, as recliners are a...

An Indian Product
  • Skoch Order of Merit Award
  • The World's Greatest Leader 2015 India & GCC Certificate
  • The World's Greatest Brand 2015 Asia & GCC Certificate
  • Cedia Member Award
  • India Mart Trust Seal Certificate
  • Arch of excellence Award
  • ISO Certificate
  • India's Best SME Award
  • D&B Certificate
World Class

Quality craftsmanship combining the best of world-class components from the most reputed brands after careful selection with quality being the essential benchmark.