An idea of creating most relaxing recliners conceived seven years ago, has today taken the shape of one of India's largest recliner manufacturing company Little Nap Designs Pvt. Ltd. Dedicated to develop world class recliners for Home Theatres, Living rooms, Cinemas, Hospitals, Preview Theatre etc., we have been consistently introducing new designs and innovations in our exceptional products.

Little nap has been penning down success stories since its commencement. Taking comfort to the whole new level with our state-of-the-art features and incredible innovations, we today, have set new benchmarks of recliners in the industry with our marvels.

Being on the escalator of success, the company has grown multifold from its small display of Recliners in Delhi to various locations in India. With its wide reach, Little Nap not only supplies its recliners in almost every part of the country but get them installed too through its experts. Today, we proudly have an exclusive showroom in Hyderabad, Shop in Shop concepts at Houselife Pune and many other locations along with the support of our strong dealer network across country that comprises of over 50 dealers. Creating admirers and not just customers, the reach of our marvels- recliners, is further spreading in European market and eyeing to get in many other international regions too.

With a wide variety of exquisite and smart recliner furniture, we offer relaxation in every shape and mode. From simple recliners to stress-free Motorized models, from Push Back and Auto Lift to softest feather-like Comforters, from elegant Royal models to amusing Swivel Glider. Our wide range of recliners will surely leave you spoilt for choice.


Nap’s. They are the little heavenly moments that separate you from all the chaos and strains of life to give you pure tranquility.

They fill your senses with the ultimate calmness and contentment, taking you to an imaginary land of ultimate calmness. At Little Naps, we create the vehicles that take you to this fantasy land, the most comfortable way.


Best shapes are created only by the best craftsmen.

Little Nap’s work force consists of very best from the field of designing, engineering, marketing, and planning that have the potential to craft the best of the recliners. This team of young blood has the new and fresh outlook that leads them to innovative surprising possibilities in a lounger. As the passion of this hand-picked lot drives them to work hard, their unique approaches drive them to create products with a high functional, comfort and aesthetic life expectancy, taking the concept of recliners to the next level. This seasoned team has the in-depth knowledge of recliners which earns them the confidence and understanding to build these masterpieces for us.

Headed by Mr. RavinderGoel, the name that holds valuable experience in the recliner industry under it, Little Nap is indeed directedby an expert supervision.Leading the company with patience and perseverance, he is the man of quality who believes in delivering nothing but the best to his customers. With a vision to see ‘Little Nap’ on the heights of success, his passion will surely work wonders for the company.

Value & quality commitments-

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Following the simple yet effective value, our pool of talents persistently works on improving our quality by finding innovative ways to enhance lives and serve the globe with perfection. Walking steadily towards perfection, we stand on the strong pillars of Integrity, Passion for Excellence and Adaptability

  • Integrity: Dedicated adherence to high moral and professional standards.
  • Passion for Excellence: Intense enthusiasm to go beyond the boundaries of limits in everything we do.
  • Adaptability: The ability to quickly evolve in response to changing circumstances.

Our commitment is to combine maximum functionality with optimal quality which makes us distinctive from our competitors, and we highly strive for it. Keeping a regular quality check on our products, our officials ensure our customers get best-in-class quality recliners wrapped up in attractive designs. With our strategically placed factory in Delhi, we welcome our customers to come and see the passion through which we create the masterpieces known as recliners.

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