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  • Feb 24, 2021

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes, 11 seconds

5 Recliner Trends For This Year 2021

Buying the perfect leather recliner chair for your house is not a cakewalk, especially when you have a plethora of options to choose from. Not only you look for a piece that fits perfectly into your space, but you also consider aspects like comfort, aesthetics, functionality, price, warranty period, maintenance, durability and most importantly, what's in trend! 

At Little Nap, we not only take care of quality and craftsmanship, our experts have exclusively identified five recliner trends you need to know in the year 2021 to ensure that you bring home nothing but the best. Read on to find more about them!

Mix to match

To make your living room look effortlessly stylish, pick furniture that complements each other. For instance, if you have a sofa set of brown shade, complement it with a beige shade recliner. Doing so will transform the look and feel of your space completely! You can also do mixing and matching fabrics to showcase a mix of styles. Further, you can create a more balanced decor by finding the perfect drapes to match your couch or recliner.

Keep it simple

Excess of anything is bad! When you try to incorporate every possible element in the same room, it feels 'too much' for your space. The idea is to keep it minimal, yet elegant. As per trends, the focus should be on experimenting with colours rather than designs. In the year 2021, colours such as pink, teal, grey will be more in demand.

Natural elements

Add a touch of nature to your interiors by using materials like timber, leather, cotton, wool and linen in upholstery and showpieces around. These natural materials are timeless additions to your home and give it a classic look, irrespective of the season and trend. Our bestseller recliner, Verve, has contemporary wooden working on its exteriors and that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Smart is the new normal

Recliners adorned with accessories like USB ports and charging points are in popular demand. These additions make user's experience more comfortable, convenient and relaxing. At Little Nap, we have this customisation option available in every recliner.

Comfort wins

No matter how many styles, sizes and varieties of leather recliner chairs hit the market, if they are not able to offer the desired comfort, they won't sell. This is the reason why recliners with massager are also in popular demand these days. At Little Nap, we keep this as our primary focus and plan our designs as per the ergonomics of keeping our customers comfortable in our chair.

Wanting to pick a recliner meant just for you? Don't wait, scroll through our website now!

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