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  • May 02, 2021

  • Reading Time: 1 minute, 59 seconds

Little Nap Recliners- Perfect for Indian Homes

Everything is unique about the Indian households, their interiors, furniture, food, styles, people and even the recliners. Indian homes are of varied sizes, typically smaller ones where large families accommodate.

For such homes, you need recliners that can fit in easily, offer extensive comfort and promise quality at the same time. At Little Nap Recliners, we curate products that are the perfect fit for such Indian homes. Have a look at three leather recliner chairs (mostly 2 seater recliner sofas) handcrafted exclusively at our facility to fit in smaller Indian households. All these are home theatre recliners which fit perfectly into your living rooms as well-


This 2 seater recliner sofa has an exclusive quilting design at the back, making it look attractive. The soft padding in the armrests is an irresistible add on! This recliner sofa can be either customised for your living room or your home theatre, depending upon the requirement. It is available in varied colour options and different upholstery materials like leather, leatherette and fabric.


Modern design that elevates your living room interiors, double-need stitch work that enhances the appearance, extra padded back and armrest for taking the comfort level a notch above, everything about Aderia is extraordinary. This recliner can also be used as a home theatre recliner or can be customised to be placed in a living room. The recliner also has some incredible add ons like a swivel table and glass holder which enhance the user's convenience.


The seats are feathery soft, the armrests are double cushioned and the padded backrest is ideal for complete rejuvenation. This 2 seater recliner sofa is ideal for customers looking for a simple, elegant yet super comfortable recliner option for their home. Available in varied colour options and textures, this recliner can also be placed either in a separate home theatre or the living room itself.

The cherry on the cake- CUSTOMISATION

Every recliner manufactured at Little Nap can be customised as per the user's requirement. Many functional accessories like glass holder, reading lamp, swivel table, storage space, USB ports, charging plugs, BlueTooth speakers and seat warmers can be added to enhance the user experience and convenience.

At Little Nap, this is just the beginning. Our range of single seater leather recliner chairs, sofa loungers, home theatre recliners, three seater sofas is extensive and versatile in every way. Pick yours today at www.liitlenap.in

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