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  • Jun 08, 2021

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes, 8 seconds

Understanding the Difference Between a Recliner Chair and an Armchair

Utmost comfort, quality and style are the factors that define the best of furniture but the types of furniture rarely come with unambiguous names and clear definitions. With innovative designs and umpteen customisation options, a lot of new styles are coming up with no definite name or classification. The same is the case with chairs. So, before shopping for chairs or finalising your home decor, understand what an armchair and recliner chair is and invest your money in the best option.

Recliners: The one you can lean upon

Recliner chairs are the ones that have a movable structure with a footrest and a backrest that can be reclined as per your comfort and requirement. While you raise the footrest with the help of a lever, the backrest can be tilted towards the back. They may also come with an adjustable headrest and modern features such as cup holders, USB slots, massage facility and bluetooth speakers. They are available in various seating capacities like single occupancy, double occupancy or 2-seater recliner sofa and multi-seating sofa loungers.

Armchairs: The one you can brace yourself against

An armchair is any single-seater chair that comes with armrests to support both of your arms when you sit. They are usually big, cushiony and comfortable. Perfect to support your usual sitting posture, they offer sufficient comfort to your upper body, especially arms, however, not all armchairs provide decent lumbar support. Additionally, they may not necessarily come with reclinable functionality, requiring you to adjust your body as per the chair’s height, alignment and design.

Which one to opt for?

Why choose one when you can get the best of both worlds!

Do not discriminate between your arms, legs, back or neck; all need equally good support and comfort for improved posture and a feel-good experience. So, if you are confused between a recliner and an armchair, do not settle on either and buy recliner chairs, i.e. single-seater recliners or reclinable armchairs instead. Ensuring maximum comfort and support for your body, leather recliners also add to the interior of your house by giving it a touch of luxury and modernism. If you live with your partner or a roommate, surprise them by choosing from the range of our 2-seater recliner sofas that come with armrests for both the seat occupants.

For an enhanced experience, get your recliner customised as per your choice and preference, exclusively at Little Nap. Remember, furniture is not something you are going to replace or buy frequently. So, make a smart, futuristic and healthy choice by investing in a quality recliner!

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