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  • Jul 30, 2021

  • Reading Time: 3 minutes, 8 seconds

Why Recliners Are Great For Relaxation

Recliners are rapidly replacing conventional chairs and living room sofas. More and more people are switching to them since they offer utmost comfort, excellent lumbar support and adjustability at all angles. Quality recliners, like those manufactured by Little Nap, are padded with cushions that provide external support and just the right amount of softness so that you do NOT experience sore muscles or body pain even after long hours of sitting in them. However, many people are unaware of these benefits offered by recliners. India is a country where a huge part of the population still considers them to be just luxurious pieces of furniture. If you are also dubious about bringing home a recliner, read on to find out why it is a better choice for relaxation as compared to other chairs and even your bed! 

Recliner chairs v/s Armchairs 

Armchairs are single-seater chairs that come with armrests to support both the arms of the seat occupant. They are generally cushioned and comfortable to sit for a short duration. However, they rarely offer decent leg, neck or lumbar support. Recliner chairs not only offer you head-to-toe body support but also maximum comfort and a feel-good experience. They are one of the best types of chairs to sit for long hours without worrying about your posture or spine health. This makes them far better than regular armchairs to relax after a long, tiring day. Also, recliner chairs serve multiple purposes as they can be adjusted in various ways. So, you can replace your conventional ergonomic chair/ armchair or rocking chair with a single-seater recliner and make the most out of your money. 

Reclinable Sofa Loungers v/s Regular Sofas and Couches 

Do you find your living room sofa comfortable to sit on or have you grown used to the minimum level of comfort it offers? Most of the people relate to the latter case after trying reclinable sofa loungers. This is because recliner sofas also offer complete body support just like a recliner chair and come along with a raisable footrest for a laid-back relaxing experience. Little Nap crafts all of its recliner chairs and sofas with superior quality leather and cushions to offer the maximum level of comfort. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening with your family and friends. Also, it is a common myth that reclinable loungers do not offer complete support as they do not come with individual armrests for each seat occupant. However, Little Nap designs 2-seater recliner sofas and multi-seating sofa loungers with individual armrests in addition to regular reclinable sofas. We also manufacture custom recliners so that you can get them designed as per your unique needs, choice and preference. 

Recliners v/s Beds 

This has been one of the most debated topics when it comes to furniture. Beds and mattresses are designed for the sole purpose of lying down and sleeping comfortably, then how can a recliner be better, you wonder? It is well-known that the best sleeping position is to lie down on the back and put a pillow under the knees to distribute body weight evenly and maintain the spine’s natural curve. Recliners let you lie down in this position without using a pillow or any other prop. When you tilt back the recliner’s backrest and raise its footrest to achieve the zero gravity position, you can lie down in a neutral position with slightly bent knees that is ideal for all three natural curves of your spine. So, quality recliners can support proper body ergonomics, unlike regular beds and mattresses. 

Shocked to know that recliners are better than your favourite armchair, sofa and even bed? Relax and lay back on your custom-designed Little Nap recliner! Order today!!

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