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  • Apr 10, 2020

  • Reading Time: 3 minutes, 9 seconds

Basic Tips for Setting Up Your Home Theatre Recliners

Having a well-organised home theatre is amazing in so many ways. You can have theatre-like experience while watching movies, right at your home, with your family and friends. Well, to make the most of your moments, you will need comfortable seating, so that you can enjoy your movie time without any discomfort. Opting for recliner chairs is the best option when it comes to making a choice for comfortable home theatre seating. Movies run for long durations, which is why you need a comfortable setting. While normal chairs won’t let you lie down, a recliner can help you attain a semi-lying position, which is perfect for your back and legs. This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable or any sort of strain in your neck, back or legs due to prolonged movie hours.

When setting up a home theatre, you need to ensure that you are utilising your space smartly. Here are some of the basic tips that you can use to set up a perfect home theatre space:

Finalise the total space

To start with, you will need to figure out the total space you need for your home theatre, along with the number of people you want to accommodate. For example, if you are a small family of 2-4 people, you can go for two-seater recliners or four single-seater recliners depending on the area available.

Distance from the screen

To get a clear and comfortable view of the screen, your seating must be placed at an appropriate distance from the screen. This is important to avoid eye strain and sitting in the wrong position. Besides, screen visibility also needs to be taken into account. The viewer must be able to see the screen clearly, even after getting into the reclining position.

Work on the arrangement

Depending upon the number of recliner chairs you finalise, you will need to decide the number of rows. For example, if you are setting up a small home theatre with up to 3-4 seatings, you can simply place them in a curve in front of the screen. If you are setting up a big home theatre with about 9-10 seats, then you may need to divide them into 2-3 rows with an appropriate number of seats in each row, according to the available space. Also, the size of the recliner chairs must also be taken into consideration while finalising the seating arrangement.

Get the spacing right

Since you’ll need some space for each of your recliner chairs to recline and close back easily, you will have to plan the seating accordingly. Include enough leg space and ensure that you always have a comfortable space around each of your chairs.

Finalise on all the dimensions

While deciding on the number of chairs and their placements in front of the main screen, you will need to do all the necessary math. For example, deciding the appropriate distance between the screen and chairs, along with the distance between individual chairs. The acoustics and sound system of the room must also be set up in such a way as to not be affected by the seating.

Consider sofa recliners

While many people opt for a rather professional-looking home theatre setting, others may want the one with an informal setting. Sofa recliners, in this case, could be a perfect choice. Sofa recliners in India are extremely comfortable, feasible and chic at the same time, perfect for a sassy looking home theatre.

Recliner chairs are more of an investment rather than a simple purchase. When selecting recliners for a home theatre, it is very important to keep quality and comfort in mind. Besides this, the recliners you select must not just be comfortable but also good looking. Select from our range of Recliners for an exciting home-theatre experience.

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