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  • Dec 23, 2019

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Best Recliners Collection for Christmas 2019

Christmas is almost here. And so must be your plans for the much-awaited evening, when the whole family gets together to share stories, jokes, food, presents, and make memories. You sure would be planning to lay back and get comfortable while you talk all night long. For that, you’ll need something that actually gives you the comfort your back and body deserve. Well, Christmas or no Christmas, you can use some comfort any day. Presenting the best range of single-seater recliners from Little Nap Recliners that brings to you the best-in-class quality and comfort. 

Here are 4 of our best recliners collection for Christmas 2019: 

1. Quies


If peace and comfort are what you seek the most, then Quies is the best choice you’ll ever make. This brilliant piece of solace is designed ergonomically, keeping in mind the support your back needs. The back cushions are deep-cushioned which are flappable and soft as a feather. With Quies, you can be assured that your seating configurations won’t be limited, thanks to its 360-degree rotation function. The motorised swivel glider makes it easy for you to adjust the chair and get into your desired recliner position, all with the help of a backlit remote. A button on the side can be used to open or close the leg support. And the best part? It can be customised as per your request! Chilling on Christmas eve or unwinding after a long hectic day was never this easy. 

2. Millor


If a comfy home cinema is what you’re looking for, then you absolutely need this ultimate show stealer. This recliner has been designed keeping in mind the compact space in a home cinema. It comes with adjustable back cushions which are also flappable. A glossy backlit switch on the side can be used to recline within seconds. You can totally modify the settings to suit your comfort. 

3. Moderni


Moderni isn’t just the best recliner chair in India, it’s a feeling of pure ecstasy and gratification. This one lets you have a peaceful movie time with your favorite snacks, thanks to the detachable swivel glass tray which is also rotatable and the setting can be customised as per your comfort. Hate getting up for extra drinks and snacks? Well, you won’t have to, thanks to the hidden storage space in the armrest. Keep your essentials in there for an uninterrupted chill session. 

4. Elegante


High-quality Italian leather, captivating rich looks, spellbinding comfort—what’s not to love about Elegante? This one takes comfort up a notch with inbuilt support for a multi-function audio system to help you enjoy your favorite tracks whilst you lay back and snuggle up. It also comes with an iPhone dock that lets you charge your iPhone and play music at the same time. The dock has pre-installed control buttons that can be used to control the music on your iPhone. It also has a USB port and an AUX cable port to help you play music however you prefer. Clearly, this is one of the best recliners in 2020 and a must-have for all the music lovers out there! Not to forget, this recliner features a hidden inside handle to help you recline manually and a chrome glass holder to hold your drink and enjoy your comfort time the way you want. 

Absolute serenity and sheer elegance are awaiting you! Make the most of your me-time as well as your family time while you sit back and cozy up into these state-of-the-art masterpieces. Grab your very own single-seater recliner at the earliest to find out what harmony feels like! 

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