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  • Feb 27, 2020

  • Reading Time: 4 minutes, 5 seconds

Create Relaxed Living Rooms with Recliner Sofa Sets

Living room, which used to be known as the drawing-room, is one of the most important parts of a home. It is the place where all your guests are welcomed and seated, which is why everyone wants their living room to look classy and be extremely comfortable at the same time. How you style your living room also reflects your personal style. The right furniture and the right setup will only add to your comfort. Be it a movie night with your spouse, a game night with your gang, or some quality me-time, you need comfortable seating to make the most of your moments. Considering the latest trends, recliner sofas are one of the best options one can choose to go with. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they lift up the entire look of the living room. Classic leather 2-seater recliner sofas look amazing when chosen in the right colour and size.

But, you cannot go about buying just anything. A lot of things need to be kept in mind to make sure your living room is correctly modelled with the right kind of recliners. So, here are a few pointers that you’ll need to make the final decision.

1. Measure up your space

Before you even go ahead with looking at recliner sofas, measure and note the space you have in your room. Keep in mind the space requirements for opening up the recliner and placement of the same such that there are no space restrictions. The whole planning must be done according to placements of other furniture pieces in your living room such as the table, TV unit, and other decoratives.

2. Research diligently

Now that you have an idea of how much space you have with you and the size you’re looking for, start your research and look closely into all the options you have. Notice the build, the quality of fabric, metal, and hardware used. Check out the frame and internal structure of the recliner closely. Because of the reclining functionality, these sofas are prone to wearing out early or break if they lack quality. Make sure the structure is sturdy enough to adapt to different reclining positions and the quality of construction materials used is good so that the chair can bear weight and minor impacts. Try out different versions to see which one supports your back and body the best and what material feels the most comfortable to lie on. Brands like Little Nap Recliners offer the best recliner chairs in India that are suited to all kinds of comfort and budget constraints.

3. Choose your style

While there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a fabric for recliner sofas, the most preferred one nowadays is leather. Leather recliners are durable as well as classy, even after they wear out. You also get options in sizes as you can choose from a single-seater recliner or 2-seater recliner sofas. It is important to choose one that goes well with the theme of your living room and suits your comfort requirements just right.

4. Check the important features

Different recliner chairs come with different features and functionalities. You need to check if the chair you are choosing has all that you need. For example, it could be a specific reclining position, a headrest, place for upholstery, mechanism for reclining, a glass/mug holder, or a hollow space to keep stuff in. Not all recliner chairs come with all such features, but many of them can be customized as these features can be added to them later. Choose the ones you want and select a chair that supports all of them.

Keeping the above-mentioned features in mind, you’ll be able to choose your ideal comfort buddy that’ll not only support you but also enhance the look of your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are recliner chairs durable?

    If you choose a recliner chair from a trusted brand, then you can be sure of the quality factors that add to the durability of the chair. Besides, it also depends on how well you handle your chair. If you are careful while using it, it will stay with you for longer. If you are rude to it, it will wear off sooner.

  • Which one is better: power recliner or manual recliner?

    Power recliners are more durable as well as easy to use than manual recliners.

  • Are recliner chairs good for the back?

    Yes. They are good for your back given that you use one wisely. Prolonged hours of sitting in a recliner chair can make you lethargic. Relax when you need to but get moving to stretch your muscles and keep them working normally.

  • Can my feet touch the ground while sitting in a recliner?

    No. Your feet must only be placed on the footrest and nowhere else. Not on the ground, not hanging in the air, only on the footrest.

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