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  • Sep 22, 2021

  • Reading Time: 3 minutes, 1 second

How to Find the Perfect Home Theatre Recliners

Do you want to have your personal home theatre to experience the luxury of a commercial movie theatre in the comfort of your home? Then wait no more and build your personalised home theatre with Little Nap Recliners! Selecting the right seating arrangement is one of the most crucial aspects of building a perfect home theatre as it must ensure your comfort, complement the room’s decor/interior/theme and serve all of your requirements, such as providing cup holders, storage space, etc. Therefore, pay utmost attention while selecting the recliners and build your own perfect home theatre. Below are some tips that will help you find the right recliners as per your custom requirements. And if you are looking for “the best home theatre recliners in India”, look no further and trust Little Nap!

1. Consider the space available in the room:

Measure the floor area where the seating arrangement can be installed. In other words, exclude the walking area, aisle, space around the door/s, a few feet in front of the wall where the display/screen would be installed, bar area (if any), etc. Consider creating a spacious home theatre over a crowded one for a truly luxurious feel.

2. Consider the average number of people for whom you are building the space:

Use the available space according to the average number of people you wish to accommodate. If you have a smaller space but want to create a home theatre where your whole family can watch movies together, then go for a couple of rows of recliners that do not have individual armrests for every seat occupant and leave less aisle space. On the other hand, if you live only with your partner or a roommate but have a larger area, you may get a few extra recliners installed to enjoy the space with your guests.

3. Consider the interiors of your room:

Make sure the recliners you choose match or enhance the aesthetics of your room. Consider wall colour, lighting, flooring, and overall theme of the room to find the right style of the recliner accordingly.

4. Consider your additional personal requirements:

Home theatre recliners usually come with cup holders, however, a lot of other customisation options are also available at Little Nap Recliners, one of the leading recliner manufacturers, to suit your custom needs. You may get a storage space in the armrest to keep and access stuff you may need while watching movies. We also provide recliners installed with a swivel table to accommodate snacks’ bowls. Pop-up USB sockets, a call button, backrest cushion, side pockets, etc. are some other features that you may get incorporated in your home theatre recliners, only at Little Nap!

Once you consider all the above-mentioned criteria, select the style, design, type and number of recliners accordingly. Make sure you consider the space required for the recliners to recline back and for their footrest to elevate. Don’t forget to check the fabric of the recliners and prefer superior-quality leather such as that provided by Little Nap Recliners. We use premium fabric only which does not wear out soon and is resistant to stains of drinks, etc. Also, you may play with the theme of your home theatre and create a unique space for maximum utility. For example, if you live with your partner, you may go for a loveseat recliner, whereas if you live alone, you may create a mixed media room where you can do both -- watching movies and playing games. Contact our experts for further consultation and invest your money in building your dream home theatre only after thorough exploration and consideration.

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