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  • Dec 09, 2019

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes, 31 seconds

Luxury and innovation - a match made in heaven with the all-new Verve

We live in an era of smart technology, where everything from our phones to our wristwatches is getting more intelligent day by day. Life’s never been so seamless and productive, and everything seems to be just perfect. So, what’s next? Surely there is a level-up to all this; a way to incorporate more ‘smartness’ into our lives? 

At Little Nap, we’re driven by this thought every single day. The question that inspires us is - why can’t recliners also be smart? The world is moving at a fast pace, and sometimes, to keep up with it, you need to just step back and relax. What if we told you that we made this experience of relaxation more luxurious with a touch of innovation? That’s how we have crafted Verve - our finest new offering in the premium recliner range. 

Redefining luxury through technology 

The Verve redefines smartness as more than just a fancy tech gimmick; it gives it the shape of caring comfort. Now, smart is when your recliner knows what you need. Smart is when your recliner understands what soothes your body. Smart is when your recliner is more than just a chair to relax, it’s a luxurious experience. The Verve ticks all these boxes, and then takes a step ahead to give you more. 

Sink into the comfort of innovation 

While the plush yet ergonomic design promises to envelop your body in cosy leisure, it’s the host of nifty features that complete the immersive experience. Sitting back in your chair isn’t just another action, it’s the start of a journey into relaxation. The occupancy sensor gives you a warm welcome, and the seat temperature-control pad sets the mood. If that wasn’t enough, then the added benefit of an air purifier seals the deal, creating your own mini-space of customised comfort. Did we mention it’s also got other touch sensors? 

The smartness of functionality

Sinking into the Verve’s snug bucket-seat isn’t the only thing that keeps you rooted to your spot, the added functional features are guilty too! Forget ever getting up to charge your phone or to grab a drink from the fridge. The Verve brings together handy features like USB-port charging a and chiller boxes to stock on beverages (including cup holders!). Not just this, it’s also got hidden cubbyholes to keep your favourite book or devices at your arm’s reach. Now that’s what we call smart!

The finishing touch

Let’s not forget that using a recliner isn’t just about relaxing the body; it’s also about rejuvenating it. Don’t just go by its elegant looks (courtesy that lacquered finish), the Verve brings along various health benefits too. The diamond stitching helps with the back’s recovery and the flexible neck-rest gives your neck the perfect comfort. With a design that’s engineered around the user’s needs, the luxury gets a new touch of ‘smartness’ with Little Nap’s Verve recliner. 

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