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  • Dec 03, 2021

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds

What Type of Recliner Should You Buy?

If you are considering buying a recliner for the first time, you will be surprised to know the varieties of recliner chairs available in the market. The credit for the same goes to the advancing technologies in the reclining segment and customers' preference to prioritise their comfort.

Usually, people pick the first recliner they see, but that's not how it should be. A bit of research and information can help you find the perfect recliner that suits all your requirements just right! What kinds of recliner chairs are available in the market? Which one would suit your needs, should you focus on technology or features? This blog will introduce all kinds of available options to you at a glance! Little Nap's goal is to ensure that you must experience comfort at its best, no matter if it is your living room, reading room, or your bedroom.

Traditional Recliner

The most common type, traditional recliners are two-position chairs found in most of the living rooms. They work with either levers or simple buttons, which when pushed, release the seat back into the reclining position and elevate the footrest in the upwards position. Traditional recliners are most suitable for bigger rooms where the chair can be given at least 3 feet space at the back to fully recline.

Power Recliner

Quite similar to the traditional recliner, what sets the power recliner apart from others is its power button, which electrically gives your chair the desired angle by a simple push of the button. This allows the user to have more control over the recliner chair and use it flexibly.

Rocker Recliner

As the name suggests, a rocker recliner comes with arched tracks that allow the chair to go back and forth when required. These recliners are ideal for nursing mothers, adults with young children or those who face trouble sleeping easily since the rocking motion is soothing and relaxing to put you to sleep.

Swivel Recliner

Designed on a circular base, swivel recliners allow the user to swivel right and left and recline backwards at the same time. These recliners replicate the feeling of lying on a bed, but with additional features and uncompromised comfort.

Riser Recliners

Also known as lift recliners, these chairs are typically made for those who face difficulties standing and sitting frequently. The lift mechanism brings the chair from a flat seated position to a more upright angled position, making it easier for the user to stand up. These kinds of recliners are typically recommended to those with weaker knees, legs or hips.

At Little Nap, we offer all these kinds of recliners and much more at unbelievable prices. We also have different variants available, ranging from single-seater recliners to sofa loungers. All our products are manufactured in our facility and speak volumes of our craftsmanship and quality. Not just styles, upholstery and designs, we also have multiple accessories that can be easily customised as per your requirements in your chosen recliner.

Do not wait, scroll through our product range right away and connect with our customer care executive to pave way for your first recliner purchase!

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