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Faq Heading



Our company was started on 15 July 2011.

We do customize as per customer requirement.

a. Size of seats -22",23" and 24"

b. Arm size -4" to 7" (5.5" minimum required for cup-holder).

c. Upholstery options -Fabric, Leatherette, Full Leather and Touch Leather (Leather to be charged extra).

d. Colour options -150+

e. Functionality -Manual, Motorised, Push Back, Swivel Glider, Dual Motor, Headrest Motor, Triple Motor and many more.

f. Accessories: Various addon like Multifunction Cup-Holders, USB Port and many more, can be integrated to enhance the comfort.

g. Hardness & Softness. h.Utility consultation.

We provide 5 years warranty on mechanism and 2 years warranty on motor on site

Durability of motorised recliner are 10-15 years, it can bar weight up to 165 kgs. However, we provide 2 years warranty on motor under which damage caused by spike is not covered.

28 density of foam in recliner all around.

Diff. between Living Room Recliners & Home Theatre recliners are: -

1 Living room Recliner's arms are in the air, on the other hand H.T Recliners arms are on the floor

2 We can add any type of accessories in H.T's recliners but we have restriction on accessories in living room recliners except different switches.

3 Living room recliners look like sofa, But H.T gives your home commercial look.

4 We can't add swivel glider in H.T's recliners, But we can add that in living room single seater recliners.

We do not use glass holder in living room model because the arm of the recliner is very fluffy and it lies in the air, when we recline the recliner along with the seat the arm of the recliner also move, so we don't use glass holder in living room model.

Our motorised recliner weight is 75 kg and manual recliner is for 65 kg.

Recliners comes in two part, back rest and seat part, so it would be assemble at site when Bracket in backrest is placed properly in KD of seat. A locking sound assures the perfect installation.

We need minimum 24" door size to enter our recliners.

We cannot stop rocking part.

Yes, we can stop swivel part.

We need 5 ampere socket for one recliner.

Power consumption of our motor is 58w and 29v

Minimum 5.5" arm size require for normal/regular glass holder

Minimum 6" arm size require for chiller glass holder

69" length after reclining

39" depth without reclining.

No our recliner is indoor furniture, we can't use them outdoor

18 mm and 12mm sizes of plywood we use in recliners

We use no-sag spring in our seating frame which is very hard, we need solid base which can hold it firmly for long.

We procure different type of mechanism and prices varies accordingly. We also provide lots of customization in our home theatre design, we have various options of arms and back which are completely looks different from living room recliners.

Because they purchase in bulk from us, they do have colour option constraints & customization in recliners they provide only one year warranty by the seller that's why they are cheaper from us.

We don't less from arms because, if any customer wants to increase the seat size or arm size, we don't charge any extra cost. This is customer's choice, that if he don't want to take arms, we can't do anything, we can only suggest him/her.

Both have their advantage and disadvantages, like leatherette is easy to maintain, but it's have sweating problem, on the other hand fabric is so comfortable, but its maintenance is little bit expensive.

7 Meter fabric or leatherette require for one recliner

150 sqft leather require for one recliner.

6" space need from back for reclining except Cubo recliner (18")

Only 3 positions have in manual recliner

Infinite positions.

Considering the quality of component we use, Our products are not at all costly. Besides Quality we assure of quality after sales services, which is also covered in this cost only.

In this competitive world, the only thing that keep us far ahead of competitor is best quality and amazing after sales service. Since we have hand crafted products hence we are bit behind in term of finish as compared to leading Recliner brand like Lazboy, Cineak or Stressless as they use die machine in manufacturing of Recliners.

But considering the quality of product we are as good as any of these and if we consider value for money we are far ahead of them.

As per our company policy, "Achievement" means "satisfied customer" and we are trying hard every day to reach that Point. And many referral customer give us a sense of achievement.

In commercial term, We have many prestigious clientele list including various export order which are as below

Grand Cinema

Carnival Cinema

PVR Cinemas


Max Hospitals


And many more..

In term of recognition, we in short span of 5 years we have received many awards and many more to come..

SKOTCH order of merit.

World's greatest brands 2015 Asia & GCC.

Arch of Excellence Award.

We provide service on site within 7 working days.


Napper Leatherette is Fire resistant, it also does have leather look as compare to normal leatherette.

We use Sleepwell foam from sheela group.

It's factory situated at greater Noida.

Gutermann thead we use for stitching of our recliner

Thread used in our recliners made of polyester.

Our mechanism is made of mild steel metal.


Characteristics of kitply that its moisture resistance and borer proof.

Our Okin motor is electric based.

We use Gruppo Mastrotto leather and it is bovine leather.

Dual Motor controls price is 15000.

We use no-sag spring in our seating frame which is very hard, we need solid base for this that's the reason we use solid teak wood.

160 kg weight bearing capacity of our recliner.

a. Standard size of lounger is 6 feet.

b. If customer ask for bigger than 7 feet it would be on chargeable basis.

15" space need from back for press back lounger.

9" space need from back for motorized lounger.

Yes, we can give storage in 7 feet lounger.

No, we cannot suggest it won't work smoothly

a. Except few models we always have to take minimum 15 days' time for making the recliners at the time of order book.

b. Grande, Versatil for all 2 models always take 21 days minimum.

c. Adorne, Verve, Aderia, Niveo, Fusion for all 4 models always take 45 days minimum.

a. Single motor recliners - Motorized

b. Double motor recliners - Dual Motor (which works for footrest & backrest)

c. Headrest Motor recliner - Motorized with headrest

d. Triple motor recliner - Triple motorized (which works for footrest, backrest & headrest

Note- For living room recliners only point no 1 & 3 (for model QUIES, OTIUM & VERSATIL) is valid.

Yes, we can lock the revolving part at 180-degree angle.

No, we cannot use after reclining the recliner.

5" space need from back for slider.

Yes, we can give big cup holder in slider arm but we have to make 6" inches arms for it.

Millux, Versatil HT, and Serene & Signature these all models 360 degree swivel table cannot work only 90/180 degree can be fit in these models.