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Little Nap Recliners in Indian Market

Brand Positioning of Little Nap Recliners – Opportunity Ahead
  • Littlenap

    Few Organized Players In
    Recliner Business

  • Littlenap

    High Per Square Fit

  • Littlenap

    Value Of

  • Littlenap

    Customer Centric

  • Littlenap

    Proprietary Layout

  • Littlenap

    Best Quality

Why Partner with us?
  • Lucrative investment opportunity with attractive returns
  • Internationally acclaimed Indian brand with highly identifiable public image
  • Aesthetically pleasant, spacious and comfortable Experience studio design
  • Operations Management support on cost basis
  • Professional support, International standards of Training and Customer service
Franchisor Support Program

Little Nap Recliners assists the franchisee in the following ways before, during & after opening the stores:

  • Markting & advertising

    Markting & Advertising

  • Operations manuals

    Operations Manuals

  • Pre-opening assistance

    Pre-Opening Assistance

  • Market Development

    Market Development

  • Outlet design

    Outlet Design

  • Stock Purchasing

    Stock Purchasing



"Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much."
Established in 2011, Little Nap has come a long way metamorphosing from a vision to becoming one the most reputed recliner manufacturers in the market. We have passionately built a strong foundation and overseen expansion from a single showroom to a chain of outlets. We are experimented with modern retail opportunities and have build a brand recall that has put us among the best brands worldwide. Today we are available in retail and commercial segment and have created a distinctive presence for ourselves in the cinema segment.

Presently, we are looking for passionate entrepreneurs like you to join in the journey to take the brand forward. We invite you to partner and participate in the lucrative business opportunity that is mutually profitable. We look forward to getting it touch with you and getting you onboard.

Franchise Enquiry