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Living Room Recliners

Our Collection

Living rooms are a reflection of your lifestyle. Whether you are napping, reading, enjoying the company of family and friends or simply spending some me-time, your living room recliners should give you the comfort you deserve and also create an inviting atmosphere for your near and dear ones. 

If you are looking for Single Seater Recliner or twin-seater recliner chairs, we have the finest ones in-store to add grandeur to your living room and stylise your spaces like never before.

The leather recliner chairs manufactured by Little Nap have can be accessorised as per customer's requirement and come with a 1-year warranty as well as excellent after-sales service. 

Living Room Recliners from Little Nap bring the best of style, technology and unmatched pleasure to your place. 

  • Available in manual and motorised variants
  • single seater recliners, twin and three-seater recliners are made to order
  • Premium accessories like Swivel Glider (360-degree swivel movement with uninterrupted gliding motion), armrest and effortless push back are added to the leather recliner chairs to enrich customer's experience.
  • A wide variety of upholstery options to choose from in materials like Leatherite, Italian Leather, Fabric, Velvet and Suede, etc.

Adorn your living room with customised living room recliners today!

Living Room Recliner