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An idea built out to eliminate the inconvenience caused during long hours of seating gave rise to Little Nap. Committed to delivering world class excellence, and exceptional comforts, the company has over a period of time introduced innovations that have gained worldwide acclaim. Built-to-last and built on precision standards, our recliners fulfill a world of needs with a promise of cushioned care that will leave you enamored. We are only company that provides unlimited customization options to give you perfection detailing of your choice. Within the design landscape, we build functional solutions that are unconventional yet accommodative to the contemporary lifestyle be it for homes or multiplexes. Delivering our complete range of solutions across India and worldwide, we make sure that the consumer gets to experience our products anywhere in the world.


We deliver the exact model of recliner built-in with luxuries that you can possibly imagine. Indulge in the comforts of a custom recliner to experience the difference.