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Recliner Accessories

Our Collection

LITTLE NAP offers a wide range of accessories to make the recliner ideally suited for any desires or fancy integral to your lifestyle.

Widening the possibilities for you, we offer ‘customization’ options galore. With plethora of accessories and features at your disposal, you can tailor make your own masterpiece just the way you want. From extensive upholstery options in materials like Genuine Italian Leather, Leatherite/ Vinyl, Fabric, Velvet and Suede etc., to the colour of the thread to be stitched; you have your say even in the minutest detail. If you have a taste for automatic shifts, we have automatic motors suited for it. And for the self-dependents, the manual equipment comes as an apt option. To add to your seating experience, you can add cup holders, USB slots or even music speakers to your own chair. You might run out of imagination, but our accessory options won’t stop astonishing you. Come, add your signature style to our creations.